Telus and WorkSafeBC partner on health care portal

Corporations provide new service for injured workers

Telus Health Solutions and WorkSafeBC have announced the launch of a new provider portal to help injured workers receive faster referrals to the health care resources they need to facilitate their recovery.

The new portal was developed in response to healthc are provider’s needs for better communication, data and service.

WorkSafeBC makes up to 35,000 referrals every year that affect injured workers, provider partners and case management teams. Open 24/7, the new provider portal supports electronic referrals, clinical reporting, online invoicing and access to claim and payment information. The automation of referrals also improves the distribution of work among providers while ensuring workers’ travel is minimized.

“With the new portal open for business, we aim to reduce the process period from the time a rehab program is requested, to the provider’s receipt of the referral from one or two days to a matter of hours. This means injured workers in need of treatment will receive the services they require sooner,” said Andrew Montgomerie, director of health care Services, WorkSafeBC. “In fact, we saw improvement right from the start with some worker appointments being scheduled within hours of the referral’s completion.”

The Telus and WorkSafeBC collaboration has created a platform for modernizing business processes, work flows and communications with customers. This includes enabling real-time electronic communications and interactive decision making; automating business processes and integrating them with customer processes; and reducing the cost of doing business and freeing up time and people to focus on the more challenging and complex cases.

“At Telus we understand that health care is personal and it impacts all of us, which is why we are committed to helping WorkSafeBC improve the timeliness and quality of care delivered to their customers,” said Paul Lepage, senior vice-president of Telus health solutions.

With 85 clinics already using the portal, WorkSafeBC plans to expand to as many as 200 clinics this year including occupational rehabilitation and return-to-work providers. In 2012, the goal is to expand the portal to include even more services and clinics.