Richard and Genny Chippendale

Richard and Genny Chippendale

Vernon couple encourages healthy living

Husband and wife Richard and Genny Chippendale are pursuing a passion for fitness

Husband and wife Richard and Genny Chippendale are pursuing a passion for fitness.

The couple opened Iron Heart Gym earlier this year in north Vernon.

“We are very excited that we get the opportunity to work together as a couple, sharing with the people of Vernon and surrounding areas what a gym experience can and should feel like,” said Richard.

“Above all else, we want Iron Heart Gym to be a welcoming, friendly, comfortable, super clean, well-stocked facility that makes you feel excited about your workout and taking care of your health.”

Members range from teens to people in their 80s.

“It is a family-centered facility where you’ll see couples and siblings and moms and dads and their kids all working out together,” said Genny.

Richard has many years in the hospitality industry and Genny is a certified agatsu kettlebell instructor and certified personal trainer.

“The belief in high endurance strength training combined with functional movement patterns and weight lifting is a proven combination that gives amazing results in weight loss, strength increases, conditioning and an overall full body workout,” said Genny.

The 11,000-foot, two storey building has a large private fitness studio showcasing specialty classes from spin and TRX to bodyweight and boxing.

“All classes are customized and personally programmed to give the members the best possible results and experience,” said Genny

Other features include an indoor turf track and training tools like kettlebells, battle ropes, heavy bag and sandbags. Iron Heart Gym also has an infrared sauna and childcare room.