Vitalization gets vision

Enderby & District Vitalization Initiative announces key projects to boost the region.

There are so many exciting things taking shape here in our beautiful area. The steering committee for the Enderby & District Vitalization Initiative has announced the key projects that will be jointly undertaken in an effort to boost the region.

This initiative began earlier in the year with leadership commitments made from the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce, City of Enderby, Area F and Splatsin. After a couple months of initial ground work, two public forums and conversations through the dedicated Facebook page, the initiative is set to tackle some key projects on the short-to-mid term.

The projects, which were selected based on the public feedback, will provide the working committees with clearly defined projects from which to build momentum. The projects include a major clean-up and beautification event within the next few weeks; the creation of a business case for an artist-driven cooperative art gallery; and the building of a traditional Splatsin dugout canoe display for Belvidere Park.

Another project the committee is working on is the Cliff Avenue pedestrian-only feasibility project. Although tactics are already underway, this project is expected to be ongoing as the committee works to create a conceptual plan on what Cliff Avenue could look like if part of it was classified as walk-only. The model will be used in further discussions with the public and downtown businesses to see if this move is not only feasible, but sustainable for all stakeholders.

The steering committee is asking for the public to get involved on the project level. Anyone interested is urged to contact the chamber as soon as possible. To get involved, or to offer your suggestions, you can join the Facebook page at, or contact Darren Robinson at (250) 838-6727.

Darren Robinson is the executive director of the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce.