Web videos support small business

A new series of short, innovative web videos from Small Business BC is being unleashed to support small business owners.

The two- to three-minute videos, called Expert Insights, feature quick business tips on topics like incorporation, tax advantages, brand identity, and website building from high profile professionals like Angela Bains of CA Design Group and Kevin McLeod of Yardstick Services.

By offering the Expert Insights video series on the Internet via YouTube, Small Business BC intends to reach and support entrepreneurs across all B.C. communities.

Other business service providers can host the videos on their websites, with additional promotion through social media, making the videos widely accessible.

The Expert Insights web series supports the goals of Canada’s Economic Action Plan and BC’s Labour Market Strategy to 2020, both striving to support economic growth through education, training initiatives and job creation.

“When 57 per cent of private sector employment can be credited to small businesses, nurturing them means nurturing the economy as a whole,” says George Hunger, CEO of Small Business BC.

“By offering resources like the Expert Insights video series, we hope to strengthen the backbone of the economy – the small business owners who continue to create jobs throughout the province,” he added.

Small Business BC offers full educational training on all the topics featured in the video series to small business owners in 50 communities throughout the province via video conferencing.

The videos can be accessed at www.smallbusinessbc.ca/seminars/videos, or www.youtube.com/smallbusinessbc.