Yoga studio opens

Diann Bastian opened Yoga Room2 on 28th Avenue in March.

There’s a new opportunity to learn yoga in Vernon.

Diann Bastian opened Yoga Room2 on 28th Avenue in March.

“The studio has teachers who are dedicated, talented, caring and knowledgeable and they love yoga,” said Bastian, who will host an open house Saturday.

There is a wide range of classes available, including beginner, moderate, yin yoga to reach deep into the fascia tissue, a stretch class, intuitive dance workshops and kai zen toning which is not yoga but a muscle class to tone and strengthen.

“I started my yoga journey in early 2000,” said Bastian.

“In 2001, I knew I wanted continue my own practice, to get more serious about yoga and to teach yoga to others. Teacher training and practice has taught me that there is also more to yoga than what’s learned on the mat. Yoga is taking me on a changed lifestyle path that I am ready for.”

Bastian says yoga gives her a full body workout, without impact or wear on the body and joints.

“My practice provides clarity, peace of mind and happiness in moving my body into postures, sitting and breathing,” she said.

“Yoga benefits helped me find myself and I began to feel grounded, strong, healthy, happy and less emotional.”

Bastian is encouraging local residents to stop by the open house Saturday.

“Yoga Room2 is shared with a wide range of students, ages and abilities, who recognize the many benefits of keeping fit with the practice of yoga,” she said.