Foothills Knoll Park an Okanagan treasure

Measures to protect the park must be taken

Not many growing city subdivisions have old growth wilderness – but Foothills does. As you drive up Silver Star Road you see a hillside of homes with massive room-size windows facing spectacular valley and lake views. Above the houses the hill is topped with trees. Many Foothills residents and friends hope this will be protected as the Foothills Knoll Park. It’s one of the last remaining old growth Douglas-fir forests in an urban setting.

Locals enjoy hiking up the open slope’s trails and into the forest. It’s views all the way back down – the very best views of the North Okanagan community, lakes, surrounding wilderness and blue sky. The hikers benefit from exercise, fresh air and inspiring views. It enhances the body, mind and spirit. It’s a great place to live. Wildlife must agree; it’s home to Red Squirrels, forest birds, butterflies and more. What a shame and loss it would be to tear down this forest for more houses.

New houses can be built in many places, but old growth forests can’t be built or replaced. A group of concerned residents have been lobbying local governments for many years to acquire and protect this land for the community and for future generations to enjoy. You can learn more and support their efforts by visiting

Roseanne Van Ee