Crews battle the White Rock Lake fire, which has some Westwold residents under evacuation order and even more on alert. (Brent Robertson photo)

Get Outdoors! and do your part to slow climate change

Columnist Roseanne Van Ee says we must tread lighter before it’s too late

We all need to do our part!

Climate Change is a euphemism for Atmospheric Destruction; the consequence of destroying our atmosphere with invisible toxic pollution. Want to adapt to pollution? To destruction?

We have laws to prevent destruction. But where’s the enforcement for polluting our atmosphere or the water cycle?

I always thought we needed clean air, soil and water. But then I studied ecology — not everyone does. Why aren’t we outlawing idling? Or zooming around in motorboats? Or unnecessarily taking down trees?

Soon after the 45 C heat wave I walked through Polson Mall parking lot passing empty big trucks and vans idling — don’t they believe or know? What will it take before they take action to help resolve these accelerating temps? 50 C? 60 C?

I asked a smart friend with a big truck if he believed in climate change.

He said, “Of course.”

So how does he justify idling?

“Why should I be inconvenienced? Why should I sweat it out? What I do doesn’t matter. And I have groceries!”

So why not park in the shade? Or get a windshield sunscreen? Why not use your coolers sitting at home for the groceries? Why not?!!!

If this friend doesn’t make the necessary adjustments and the next person doesn’t then who will?

We’ll suffer the consequences of an altered environment and extreme weather events; 50 C anyone, 60 C?

Millions of dollars in fighting wildfires till all forests are gone?

Just so we can drive around, however, wherever and whenever we want? Or zoom around with kids in gas-guzzling, noisy motorboats with drinks in hand?

When will it ever end? We’re filling the air with CO2. It’s plants — especially trees — that absorb CO2 and release oxygen. They’re getting badly scorched and killed. Have you noticed?

Another smart friend asked how I keep my feet warm with AC. I can honestly tell you that I’ve never used AC. When it was 45 C I closed windows, blinds down on the sunny sides, opened windows at night to catch the cross breeze, slept and ate downstairs.

We chose this house and neighbourhood with trees for shade.

In response to wildfires, people are cutting down trees. Where are the building codes to leave the trees and enforce building fire-resistant houses?

Eee gads! I never realized the devastation of building a backyard swimming pool until watching it nearby — where does all that soil go? The excavators, tractors, trucks, etc., the numerous power tools and all that concrete (huge fossil fuels in its production)… I had no idea. And we share a lovely community beach.

The atrocities to our atmosphere are terrifying! No one likes to make changes, but how bad will we allow things to go? Will we have to buy oxygen? What can survive 50-plus temperatures and deadly floods on a polluted Earth?

We can start and need to make changes now towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle. No, we don’t have to live in log cabins. There are simple changes we can all make.

Government policies and industries will follow our lead; why set 2030 or 2050 as milestones to change?

Please, people, smarten up and take care of our earth.

Like the Lorax said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to change — it’s not. “

I love nature and healthy ecosystems. It breaks my heart to see them abused. We need to live lighter by understanding and respecting nature. After all, we’re a part of it, not apart from it. Please help!

Roseanne enthusiastically shares her knowledge of the outdoors to help readers experience and enjoy nature. Discover exciting and adventurous natural events, best trails, and wild places. Follow her on Facebook for more.


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Roseanne Van Ee