Creative consultant Lisa Starke shaves the moustache off Bruce Rasmussen

Creative consultant Lisa Starke shaves the moustache off Bruce Rasmussen

A really close shave

Morning Star advertising representative raises nearly $2,000 with reverse Movember

Bruce Rasmussen’s upper lip hasn’t seen the light of day for nearly 40 years, until now.

The Morning Star advertising rep has sported a moustache since 1973, so anyone who knows him has likely never seen him without one.

“I’ve just trimmed it, that’s all I’ve ever done,” said Rasmussen, of the thick cookie duster he’s been growing since he was just 23-years-old.

So when Movember rolled around, a few of Rasmussen’s co-workers convinced him to shave his moustache off.

They coined it the reverse Movember – as most men grow out moustaches for the month of November in support of prostate cancer awareness.

“I said if we’re going to do it we’re not just going to shave it off, we’re going to raise some money,” said Rasmussen.

So the bounty was set. A $2,000 goal was set to free Rasmussen’s lip.

Posters were drawn up, sent to clients and advertised in the newspaper, and the result has generated $1,600 towards prostate cancer research so far.

“I feel really good about doing it,” said Rasmussen, of supporting what he calls the men’s equivalent to breast cancer. “For a disease that affects as many men as it does.”

But the biggest shock came when he agreed to not only shave his moustache off early (confident he’d raise the necessary $2,000), but keep it off.

“He originally only wanted to have it off for November,” said co-worker Lisa Starke, the brainchild behind the plan (or instigator as Rasmussen calls her).

“Now he’s loving it.”

He admits that while sitting under Starke’s shaky razor, fear engulfed him as he eyed the nearest exit.

He expected he’d feel naked without his trusty ‘stache, and while he did at first, it didn’t take long for him to love his new look.

“I love the compliments. Everybody keeps telling me it makes me look 10 years younger. So I was hoping I had another moustache because I could use another 10.”

Starke, who confesses she’d never shaved a face before Rasmussen, loves her co-worker’s new look.

“I think he looks great.”

Virtually everyone agrees. But some are still getting used to the new Rasmussen.

“It still freaks me out a little bit every time I see him,” says Lisa VanderVelde, Morning Star photographer.

But she’ll get used to it too.

Rasmussen’s reverse Movember is in support of the Do it for Dad Father’s Day run/walk, which raises awareness and donations towards prostate cancer research.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the cause can do so at The Morning Star. Donations should be made out to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation.

The Morning Star also wants to see your best soup strainer in support of Movember.

Enter a picture of your moustache under the contests tab at for a chance to win one of two $150 gift certificates to either Monashee’s Bar and Grill or Kal Sports Bar. Contest closes Dec. 10.

Voting begins Monday.