Attending the Vernon Farmers’ Market

Attending the Vernon Farmers’ Market

Abundance of local harvest celebrated

Food Action Society of North Okanagan invites residents to celebrate the abundance and eat local

Increased awareness is being harvested to get residents to celebrate their locally grown, and great tasting, food.

The Food Action Society of the North Okanagan is inviting all residents of the North Okanagan to Celebrate the Abundance and to Eat Local this summer.

They will be answering questions and providing information to the public at various locations around the North Okanagan, encouraging them to choose local for its superior taste and freshness.

Doug Gordon, one of the promotional coordinators and a new farmer himself agrees that “while there are many social, environmental, and economical benefits when supporting our regional food system, the bottom line is that fresh local food tastes great.”

Anyone who grows their own or buys from a farm or local farm market would likely tell you that nothing tastes quite like a fresh picked tomato or a tree-ripened peach.

“We are so fortunate to have such a thriving local food system that it is easy to take for granted,” said Gordon. “With droughts throughout many regions in the United States this year, and an ever turbulent global food climate, it is important to remember that we live in one of the most bountiful food regions on the globe. That is truly something to celebrate.”

The Food Action Society also wants residents to know that if they are looking for something in particular, or happen to miss the farmers market and want to find out where else they can purchase local foods, they can turn to the Food Action Society website.

“When I see that people are interested in becoming more involved in purchasing regionally, I point them in the direction of our local food directory” said Kathryn Zeitsma, who is working on the promotion this summer.

“Local food businesses can list with our directory, and people can find products alphabetically or under various food groupings, and it’s free to all users”.

You can catch their local food booth next at the Okanagan Feast of Fields today in Lake Country, hosted at the Claremont Ranch Organics (tickets required), and at the free Grindrod Garlic Festival on Aug. 19.

The regional food directory and a food events calendar can be found at