Heaton Place residents in Armstrong were treated children from the community this Valentine's Day. (Carrie O'Neill - Contributed)

Armstrong children brighten seniors’ day with cookies

Heaton Place residents have been cared for by the community throughout COVID-19 pandemic

The beautiful Armstrong community pulled it off once more.

There is an unwritten code that has manifested in the residence of Heaton Place. That code is love and service!

Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, the residents of Heaton Place have experienced countless acts of love from the community. Most recently, our wee ones in the community dropped off homemade cards with chocolate, Kindale brought in a large home-made Valentine’s card, and the Country Bakery made over 90 heart-shaped cookie grams that were purchased by secret admirers and delivered to Heaton Place. The seniors were thrilled with such wonderful gestures.

There have been many other acts of kindness from our community.

These acts of kindness came in many forms: sidewalk art, Christmas carolers and donations of wool so our ladies could knit blankets and pay them forward to the Pleasant Valley Manor.

We had the pleasure of listening to a variety of musicians that played from the top of our courtyard in the summertime, as well, the Montessori Preschool brought an abundance of gifts for our seniors at Christmastime.

You can’t teach these qualities, but one can surely demonstrate through the kindness in their hearts. I feel they are contagious.

Armstrong has a strong spirit of unity, demonstrating various good deeds over and over again throughout the pandemic.

The seniors of Heaton Place have been very respectful in adhering to the strong suggestions of COVID protocols in order to keep one another safe.

It has not been easy for anyone.

Our residents have had to sacrifice a lot as well as the staff. Not being able to see family members, with the exception of one visitor being permitted into the suites of our residents, has been heart-wrenching at times; yet, the seniors continue to abide for the better of the whole.

Every act of kindness has left a positive impression, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Though we may not be dancing in the rain, the residents at Heaton are certainly doing a fine job at maintaining a positive attitude during a ‘stormy pandemic’ and the community of Armstrong has helped make a difference!

— Carrie O’Neill is the resident relations co-ordinator at Heaton Place in Armstrong.

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