BOOMER TALK: Just chill

In one day I ran into three grumpy people. Four, if I count myself that is. Because who’s perfect anyway?

In one day I ran into three grumpy people. Four, if I count myself that is.  Because who’s perfect anyway?

Between receiving phone calls from overworked financial employees, who have to meet a quota of sales calls daily; (and don’t even try to phone them back, as their voice mail is so convoluted that you’ll never reach anyone),  to construction people who parked so crooked I was worried they may hit my vehicle (because I was parked beside them) and  when I asked them to please move,

I was berated by not one, but two people with snide comments about how there was plenty of room; (“want me to move your car for you?”  Luckily the condescension did not stretch to adding “dear” at the end of that question).

Then there was the person who marched into my waiting room and demanded to know (with a grumpy face on),  “where has the lab gone?”

I told them and they turned around and marched out.  I guess the poor soul had already walked past the new location on the way to the non-existent old location.   Sympathies to have to double walk in the heat.

Grumpiness prevailed with all of us and for me, disappointment in my fellow human beings, including myself.  Sigh.

As I said before, we are all flawed.

There is more I could share, but you may not believe me.  It was one weird day.  Thought for a while I had slipped into a parallel universe.

I’m thinking it is the heat and now the smoke that is affecting us all.

So, I can’t imagine how those who are directly impacted by the fires must feel if the rest of us are getting grumpy simply due to the heat.  (remember when we whined about the snow and the cold?)

I even washed my car last night, thinking I might tempt the rain Gawds enough to give us some of that apparent rare elixir from the skies.  (so it’s poetically corny  –  grump, grump).

My poor pooch can’t go for walks, unless I stay up until midnight when it “cools” to 20 or less.  So we don’t go out for long walks right now.

She’s so sweet she never gets grumpy,  even when a pit bull ripped across the street to meet and greet her.  Gulp. Good thing she is a laid back pooch and she was up into my arms before you could say spit.  All’s well that ends well………owners apologized.

The whole complex where I live is buzzing with the sound of air conditioners – except for those poor souls who don’t have it.

I would imagine their sound would be inside with a selection of fans.  Personally, I’m using both.

Rest, relax and slow down. Head to the beach, flump on the couch with a good book, drink something cold and know that come January, you may be complaining about the cold and desperately wishing you were in July again.

Happy summer.  May our grumpiness never meet.

Just chill dudes.

Carole Fawcett is a counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and freelance writer. www.amindfulconnection.