BOOMER TALK: Making a difference

Sometimes, as you enter the store, you can hear her laughter.

Sometimes, as you enter the store, you can hear her laughter.  Anytime you are close to the front of the store you will definitely hear her upbeat and positive comments.

She has a strong voice that is easily heard……….and her laughter  has to pass by her heart to pick up the loving energy she  so freely gives out.  It is obvious she enjoys her customers and she is brilliant at engaging those who may be more reserved.

She comes across as one of those folks who ‘says it like it is’.

She has a heartfelt and open honesty with her words and appears to be genuine in her interaction with others.

She is very thoughtful too.  I’ve watched as she helps seniors by carefully tucking  their groceries into their walker baskets, making sure nothing will fall out on their journey home.

Her name is Heather and she works at a downtown store. She doesn’t just provide customer service, she does what comes naturally to her; she helps people have a better day on their way through her line.

Not too long ago, I rushed into this store on a Sunday morning, to pick up a newspaper for a friend.

I likely sounded impatient when I said to the already busy check-out person, “is there any other check-out open?”  (stupid question really, as I could see clearly that there wasn’t).

She pointed to the end of her line and said, “right at the end of this line.”  I felt bad because I knew by her response that I likely did sound whiney and demanding. I might even have been wearing my irritated face……..sigh……..perfect I’ll never be.

But, from behind me, at another counter, came Heather’s powerful voice.

She said, “Come on over here honey and I’ll run you through quickly. I was just on my way to take my break and this will only take a second.”   “Thank you very much”   I responded…..  “kind of you.”  “Ah, it’s nothin”, she responded, “if  we can’t help one another, there’s somethin’ wrong isn’t there?”

I paid and as I left, I heard her say “you have a good day now.”

As we all know, it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference.  Kindness, thoughtfulness, and being treated with respect, impact our feelings of self worth and can shift negative energy to positive energy. It feels like a gift. In fact, it is a gift.

Heather shifted my impatient energy by her helpful attitude that Sunday morning.

Thank you Heather – you made a difference in my day.

For me, this is what Christmas is all about.    It’s about making a difference in someone’s life.  We have choices in how we might do that.

Gifts to someone we love, donations to organizations whose mandate is helping others, anonymous help to individuals we know are struggling, baking something special for a friend, and the list is endless.

It doesn’t have to involve much money.  We can give the powerful gift of self on a daily basis, much like Heather does.

Maybe if we all asked ourselves how we could make a difference in this world of ours, it may help to shift the energy to one of love and caring.

How will you make a difference?

Merry Christmas!

Carole Fawcett is a registered professional counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist.  She can be reached