BOOMER TALK: The glorious gift of aging

It seems that as we age, the landscape of our lives changes a lot. By landscape, I am talking about everything to do with aging.

It seems that as we age, the landscape of our lives changes a lot. By landscape, I am talking about everything to do with aging. As boomers, we are starting a new journey.

In a two-week period, I heard about a friend’s spouse being diagnosed with cancer, another friend became engaged, yet another had been in a car accident, while someone else celebrated the birth of a great-grandchild.

There are times in our lives when events are viewed as being predictable.  Like a younger friend whose son just landed his first job after being in school for nearly two years in his chosen specialty.

He is at the beginning of his life work and we, as boomers, are near the end of our life’s work (but the fun is just beginning so keep your sense of humour close at hand).

The thing that I have noticed more than anything about being a boomer is what is universally referred to as “the wisdom.”

I am not talking about intellect, but rather, having lived longer which has lead to a deeper understanding of what is truly important in life from my humble perspective.

We dispense with the unimportant fluff and become one with our own reality finally.  It truly is the most glorious gift of all.

As an example, the superfluous nonsense that is promulgated daily under the guise of entertainment  is really mind boggling.  It is demeaning as its focus is on vacuous nonsense that can eat away at the self worth of those who watch and then sadly believe it.

This drivel called entertainment news (like a bad marriage, I wonder how the two words were ever matched up) is worrisome as it does impact young sponge-like minds.  Entertainment is not news in the true sense of the word and news should never be entertainment as bias believability is the risk.

Is it not freeing to absolutely be who you really are and say what you really think, providing of course you are not hurtful with your words?  An odd statement perhaps because you might think that we are all beings and that is all there is when it comes to being an individual.

But I no longer worry about what people think of me and that in itself is a gift.  As Popeye once said, “I y’am who I y’am.”  But the younger me, and likely you too, lived my life in a way that I hoped nobody would disapprove.

I was fearful to let the real me out due to societal judgment and the “should” brigade. I gave my permission to be a doormat to anyone who wanted to treat me with disrespect.

Now I allow my authenticity to show itself and no longer worry about what others think and besides, I usually laugh at my own foibles because life is too short to take too seriously.

I mean, just the other day I had to cough and as I did, well, the other end “coughed”  too. Oh my goodness me.

I had a hard time keeping a straight face because I was standing in front of a handsome young man at the time  and I prayed that the top end cough was loud enough to cover up the bottom end “cough.” LOL. I blush as I type this because that is definitely not the authenticity I want to show to the world.

Then there’s the letting go of other trappings, such as how we look. We want to look reasonably neat and tidy and as attractive to our own standards as we can, but we no longer obsess about it and isn’t that a big relief?

There is no weeping and being depressed because we have gained a few pounds and can no longer get into our bikini.

Our egos have shrunk and we know there is more to life than how we look, with good health being the important thing.  There is more depth to our soul.

So boomers, give yourself the gift of being genuine. Meet yourself with confidence.

Enjoy the gift of aging, perhaps without the sound effects.


Carole Fawcett is a counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and freelance writer.