Cam Jammers Car Club’s show revving up support

White Valley Parks and Recreation Committtee waives $125 rental fee at Royals Park in Lumby for 2012 Cam Jammers Car Club show

Support for a Lumby car show is motoring ahead.

The White Valley  Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee has agreed to waive the $125 rental fee for Royals Park for the 2012 Cam Jammers Car Club although staff had recommended against that.

“It’s an important community event and the food bank is a crucial community service,” said Rick Fairbairn, committee chairperson, of the reasons for the decision.

The event raises money and food for the local food bank.

Staff had recommended that the request be denied because the grant application came after the annual deadline and 2012 funding is allocated.

Officials with the Lumby Food Bank Society say there has never been a rental charge for the park before.

“The president of the Cam Jammers has informed me that if this fee is applied, they may have to take the cost of this fee out of the funds raised for the food bank,” said Bruce Mackie, society chairperson.

Mackie added that it wasn’t known that there was a grant application process.

“Next year, I will work with the Cam Jammers to make sure the grant application is in place on time.”

The  $125 will come from White Valley Parks and Recreation’s reserves.