Camp hosts commended for keeping the peace

Frequent RCMP visits to Sugar Lake camp were common years ago

Camp hosts

Camp hosts

The days of wild parties in provincial and forestry campgrounds are fading in the past, and that has high praise going out to the operators.

At the height of camping season, Lumby RCMP are sending praise to the local Park Facility Operators, particularly those on Sugar and Mabel Lakes.

Cst. Dan Cocks recalls some of the many visits he made to the Cottonwood recreation site on Mabel Lake when he first started at the detachment in 2008.

“Cottonwood campsite was like the wild west.”

Frequent RCMP visits to Sugar Lake camp were also common years ago.

But thanks to the management of park operators, as well as the courtesy and respect of campers, fewer RCMP trips are being made.

“They all do a bang-up job,” said Cocks.

The RCMP have also played a part in getting the message across that disrespectful campers are not welcome.

He recalls one weekend where a couple of intoxicated individuals were causing a nuisance so the tow company was called and two vehicles were towed out of the site (which is approximately 27 kilometres in from the paved road), at the owner’s expense.

“They (partiers) know it can happen and does happen,” said Cocks.

With the B.C. Day long weekend coming up, campers are reminded to be courteous in all sites.

“This is not the place for you if you think this is going to be a big party,” said Cocks.

“It’s for families – that’s the way it should be.”

But not everyone is pleased with how local parks are being managed.

There have been a number of complaints about the reservation system in B.C. Parks, particularly when sites are booked but the campers neglect to show up or cancel their reservation.

“They are full, they are very popular places,” said Cocks, of the frustration campers have when there are empty sites but no one shows up to claim them.

Mabel Lake was recently added to the reservation system this year, with the Monashee Loops portion of the campsite.

Reservations can be made through Discover Camping.