Representing the two Kal Tire locations in Vernon

Representing the two Kal Tire locations in Vernon

Canada Day in Vernon ends with bang

Vernon can tune into a spectacle for the eyes and ears at Sunday’s Canada Day fireworks finale.

Vernon can tune into a spectacle for the eyes and ears at Sunday’s Canada Day fireworks finale.

It will be an ambitious undertaking this year as a fully choreographed event featuring over 700 effects is being attempted.

The display is set to go off between 10:15 and 10:30 p.m. at the DND grounds to the tune of five songs on 107.5 KISS FM, broadcast by Funtastic.

“Fireworks updates can be heard on 107.5 KISS FM, so bring along a radio or crank up your vehicle’s sound system and make sure to listen to the choreographed musical accompaniment,” said Terry Schmauder, fireworks committee.

Weather will be the only deterrent, but organizers are keeping their fingers crossed that any storms hold off until after the show.

“Wind is of particular concern as safety regulations allow for a maximum wind velocity beyond which firing is not allowed,” said Schmauder.

“So whether you are sitting on your deck, driving to another vantage point in Vernon, or coming up to the site itself, let’s wish for a warm evening, but bring along a blanket or jacket, lawn chairs and snacks and enjoy our spectacular show.”

Free shuttle buses will be providing round trip pick up and drop off from the Vernon Performing Arts Centre at 3800 33rd St. to the DND grounds, starting at 8:30 p.m. until 3 a.m.

Those driving up to the site can park and view on Mission Road between Emmanuel Baptist Church parking lot and the Allan Brooks access road – the west side of Mission Road will be available for vehicle parking.

“Spectators will have a great vantage point from anywhere on DND grounds or Mission Road,” said Schmauder, adding that many areas of the city will get a great view of the spectacle.

“Come out early and enjoy a snack at the food vendors located just outside the Funtastic music area or take in a slow pitch game.”

The City of Vernon and Kal Tire sponsored event is put on by and thanks to a number of individuals and departments, including the RCMP and local fire departments.

“The dedicated crew under the direction of Bill Wacey, fire chief at BX-Swan Lake firehall and Laurie Skolrood, deputy chief at Vernon firehall along with many volunteers from surrounding firehalls are asked to donate their time and expertise to ensure a safe and exciting pyrotechnic event,” said Schmauder.

“These people donate countless hours in set up, wiring and firing the show and then dismantling it all after the event.”

In addition to the labour involved, funding is also required to purchase the fireworks, which comes from several sources including community-minded corporate sponsor Kal Tire.