Canadians urged to pitch-in for environment

Pitch-In Week shows how wne person can make a difference

Despite the growing number of environmental issues that concern Canadians every day, one person can make a difference – by pitching in.

Join B.C.’s annual Pitch-In Week campaign, April 21-27, where volunteers across Canada will collectively clean up their environments.

To get involved with this year’s campaign, register at or call 1-877-PITCH-IN, registration opens Monday. Groups wanting to receive free Pitch-In Week bags for their project must register by March 15 at

“It starts with one,” said Misha Cook, Pitch-In B.C.’s executive director. “We have witnessed amazing results with this organization, entirely due to the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, sponsors and municipalities. Picking up litter is far from glamorous and with B.C.’s weather considerations, it is often a labor of love.”

Pitch-In B.C. is one of Canada’s oldest, non-profit, charitable, non-governmental environmental organizations. Pitch-In B.C.’s approach to litter and overall proper waste management practices include: the four Rs REFUSE – REUSE – REDUCE – RECYCLE, personal responsibility, and community sustainability and beautification.

For more information about Pitch-In Week and Pitch-In B.C. go to or email