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Cat attacked by animal in West Kelowna desperate for foster home

Raptor is currently undergoing veterinary treatment

A scared and starving brave little black cat emerged from the bush at the side of Brown Road in West Kelowna on May 26.

The feline had visible wounds on both ears and around his head from an animal attack.

Lisa, his rescuer whose last name is not being published to protect her anonymity, spotted the little guy and immediately contacted the Okanagan Humane Society to ask what she could do to help save the poor cat’s life.

An OHS volunteer then rushed to the scene to help Lisa coax the emaciated black cat into a carrier to bring him to an OHS veterinary partner for urgent care.

The black cat was named Raptor right before he underwent surgery to help mend the damage to his severely wounded ears.

Raptor was then vaccinated, treated with antibiotics, dewormed, neutered and microchipped and has started his recovery.

The veterinary staff fell in love with Raptor right away and said once he is healed he is sure to have a big fluffy beautiful black coat.

But first, he needed to be shaved to help heal wounds and get the burrs out of his skin.

Unfortunately, seven-year-old Raptor lives with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+), which means that he is vulnerable to infection.

“This is not contagious to humans and Raptor can live a long and happy life with this condition,” said OHS.

Raptor must be exclusively an indoor cat, in a home with no other felines, unless they have are also already infected with FIV+.

“We are seeking a kind foster or a willing foster-to-adopt home, to provide the TLC needed while he heals. Raptor has pain medicine but otherwise just needs some love and kindness for a few weeks until we can have him back to the vet to remove two painful broken teeth,” explained OHS.

Raptor is very sweet, friendly and grateful to be rescued, once he has been in foster for another two weeks and healed he will be available for adoption.

If you can help foster Raptor please go to

To help with Raptor’s vet costs as he is still in care please go to

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