Charles Bloom valedictorian questions class of 2011

By Trenton Squair

Recently I was asked to write a speech, and to tell you the truth it is a lot harder than you would think, let me put it this way I have written four separate speeches, and they were all rejected….by my mother. So I thought to myself what is my strongest quality…then it hit me, my strongest quality is my ability to ask questions. So I figured that’s how I am going to write my speech. And let’s all hope that the fifth time is a charm, because I think it’s a little too late to write another one, and if it bombs then I would like to formally resign from my position as valedictorian.

Throughout our lives we are constantly asked questions, some more important than others, but nevertheless answers are always wanted. In elementary school the questions start out easy enough, maybe something simple like “What is your favourite colour?” Or “Can you tell me how to spell principal?” Even though some of us today still have trouble answering those questions. But as we got older the questions became much more difficult to answer… with a single word answer like yes or no. In Grade 7 our teachers and parents asked us what we thought at the time was the most important question in our life, “What High School would you like to attend,” they asked, “would you like to attend Kalamalka, Fulton, or maybe even Charles Bloom?”

Obviously the students sitting here chose to come to Bloom. After these students decided to come to Bloom came the next big question. “Who are going to be your friends?” At that moment all the students started looking around trying to find old friends and make new ones. The JWI kids began to hang out with the Whitevale kids, the Whitevale kids hung out with the Lavington kids, and we all hung out with the Cherryville kids… but it wasn’t very hard there was only five of them.

After finding our new friends that we would soon share so many memories with on our new journey, we were asked another question, “What classes are you going to choose?” And to those of you who think that this should be no trouble at all, you are all truly mistaken. Not only will these classes help you decide your future, they also have to give you some enjoyment, so we don’t fall asleep in them. So let’s just say not very many students wanted to choose English, which is why it is a mandatory class.

But as the years went on our friendships began to grow, according to Mr. Bates and Mr. Thompson being the math geeks that they are the growth would probably be considered exponential. But not only did the friendships with our classmates grow but also with our teachers, people became comfortable with each and every one of them. We were able to go into their classrooms during lunches and breaks and just have a conversation.

The next big question has been one that has been sitting in the background. People have been asking us this question our whole lives, but most of the time when we answer this question we don’t put much thought into the answer, instead we just want to get it over with.

This question is “What are you going to do when you grow up?” Now this question can be asked in many different forms whether it is “And do you have any plans for after high school?” to “My daughter is going to become a doctor, what are you going in for?”

And it truly pains me to see a person struggling with this question, so I have a solution for you all, you do not need to know what you are going to do or have your life mapped out. I understand that this is a shock to you all, and Mrs. Glinsbockel is probably regretting that I was chosen to be the valedictorian right about now, but truthfully you do not need to know.  Now just because you don’t need to know what you are going to do or where you’re going to go, does not mean you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. But I want you all to remember that it does not matter if you become a lawyer who makes millions, a logger who does it because they love it, or a trophy wife… who has questionable motives. As long as you do your best at whatever life throws your way,  that is all that you or anyone else can ask for.

But with that subject comes a follow-up question and the question is “Will you be successful?”  There is no way to gauge what is success or who is successful, some people believe that money is the only thing that can relate to success, while others say it is something much more simple, like having a family or loving your job. But there is no real definition to this question, much like all the others. The answer is something that you must find out for yourself, whether you go on to climb Mt. Everest, or open up your own business, after we leave Charles Bloom we will all have to go on and define success in our very own words and actions.

But after asking all these questions, “What is your favourite colour?” or “Who are going to be your friends?” There is only one question that we can be asked, and that is “Did you have fun?” and I hope we can all individually say that we did. Whether it was in the gym, the classroom, or not at school, I hope we can all look back at our memories and say that we did have fun. I would like to quote someone famous… I’m not a hundred percent sure who they were, but they’ll have to do. The quote goes “I want you all to remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.”

But in conclusion I have one last question for you all… “Can you all please stand up, put your hands together, and give a  big round of applause to the Charles Bloom Graduating Class of 2011?!”