City pitches in for clean-up

The City of Armstrong will pitch in to keep its community clean.

During Pitch-In Canada week April 17-23, the city will host a community-wide clean-up from April 19-21.

“Various organizations have asked if we’re going to be doing anything, so we’ve registered with Pitch-In Canada and they’ll supply us with garbage bags and gloves,” said Coun. Shirley Fowler.

The city will co-ordinate removal of the garbage collected.

The former Communities in Bloom committee used to co-ordinate the event.

“Traditionally, everybody got involved,” said Fowler. “You’d take a walk and take a bag with you, and fill it up with stuff.”

Lowering emissions

In order to collect money from the Carbon Action Revenue Incentive Program, the City of Armstrong continues to work on lowering its greenhouse gas emissions.

Finance committee member Coun. Sully O’Sullivan read a report that showed the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 to be 135.76 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, the metric measurement unit for greenhouse emissions).

“We’re trying to reduce that number to zero. I guess we have a lot of work to do,” said O’Sullivan. “I guess we’ll have to work on people to shut off their cars, use less electricity and good things like that. “Zero’s probably impossible but we could lower that number.”

The city’s sewer treatment plant on Adair Street had the most greenhouse gases emitted, a total of 22.81 tCO2e. City hall emitted 17.71 tCO2e.