City plans on being age-friendly

Armstrong to apply for a UBCM/Healthy Families B.C. 2012 age-friendly community planning and project grant.

The City of Armstrong looks to become age-friendly.

Council unanimously passed a motion for staff to apply for a Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM)/Healthy Families B.C. 2012 age-friendly community planning and project grant.

Council also agreed to “actively support, participate, promote and work to implement an age-friendly initiative to assess and improve accessibility and inclusion of older persons and for the whole community.”

“This will help communities to prepare for an aging population,” explained Coun. Paul Britton, chairperson of the city’s community services committee. “We can get up to $20,000 in support dollars for planning, and it’s not a matching grant so we don’t have to come up with any money.”

The plan would be for the city to hire a consultant to help with the process of evluating the community from the perspective of achieving age-friendly B.C. community recognition.

Groups and organizations would be questioned about what they are doing and what they might like to do in the future. Seniors will have a chance to say what services they make use of now and what they feel they are missing or could be improved upon.

And staff would review what Interior Health programs are available in the community now.

Affordable housing for any age group will get some of the focus of the project.

Supporting the O-Zone

Council unanimously voted to double the amount of money to be used to support Asparagus Community Theatre’s hosting of the Okanagan Zone Drama Festival in 2012.

An original motion by finance committee co-chairperson Coun. Sully O’Sullivan to be a $500 Festival Sponsor was doubled to a $1,000 Ozone sponsor.

“A big question we’ve heard from the community during the election campaign is do we support arts and culture?” said Coun. Paul Britton. “This is a chance to help Asparagus theatre. We’ve done this in the past and it was a huge affair. I’d like to see us be a $1,000 sponsor.”

The money  will come from the city’s emerging issues budget.

The Okanagan Zone Drama Festival in Armstrong will run May 4-13, 2012. Each day of the festival, a new theatre group will be in Armstrong as a different show will be performed each of the nine nights of the festival.