Club backs Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day – I Belong, Bullying Stops with Me takes place Wednesday.

The Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs are once again joining the provincial and national movement to celebrate Pink Shirt Day – I Belong, Bullying Stops with Me, on Wednesday.

Pink Shirt Day originated in Nova Scotia where a new high-school student was being bullied and harassed when he showed up at school wearing a pink T-shirt.

In support, two young men purchased 50 pink T-shirts from a discount store and enlisted fellow students to wear the pink shirts at school to support the new student who was being bullied.

“We are encouraging the Okanagan communities to wear pink on Feb. 26 to show that bullying will no longer be tolerated,” said Richelle Lawrence, Okanagan Boys and Girls Club events co-ordinator. “We look forward to seeing everyone in pink supporting the anti-bullying movement.”

Shirts can still be purchased at your local McDonalds and Boys and Girls Clubs locations between now and Wednesday until supplies last.

Through the proceeds of T-shirt sales, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs are able to provide on going programs that foster self esteem, social engagement, academic success, inclusion, acceptance, respect for self and others, and connection to community — all of which are key elements of bullying prevention.

Boys and Girls Clubs participate in Pink Shirt Day because it promotes awareness, understanding and openness about the problem and a shared commitment to a solution.