Mike Luniw

Mike Luniw

Co-op members earn honours

Mary Katzuk and Mike Luniw are long-time members of the Armstrong Co-Op.

City of Armstrong finance clerk Sarah Heward recently became a member of the Armstrong Co-Op.

Heward was given a co-op number containing five digits.

This is significant considering the case of Mary Katzuk and Mike Luniw, both of Armstrong.

They have two-digit co-op numbers.

Each also have had personal involvement in the growth of the local co-op over the years, and Katzuk and Luniw were presented with co-op gift cards to commemorate the occasion at the 92nd annual general meeting May 7 at the Oddfellows Hall in Armstrong.

The presentation was made by Armstrong Regional Co-Op chairperson of member relations, Andrew Laird.

Luniw has had his own co-op number since the age of 12, and has one of the longest continually active co-op accounts today.

He and his father were involved with the installation of service station pumps.

Katzuk fondly recalls the days of the co-op grocery, clothing and general supply store in downtown Armstrong. Her husband worked on construction of the Armstrong gas bar.