Cross-Canada cycle rides into town

On a mission to give orphans a place to call home, a recent immigrant from the U.K. is cycling across Canada.

As part of her effort to get to know her new home country, Tana Silverland’s two-and-a-half year journey brings her to the North Okanagan this week,

She will be in Armstrong Monday and Tuesday and in Vernon Wednesday and Thursday, and she will be asking residents what they love about this area.

She is also hoping to give orphans around the world the chance to answer the same question, by spreading the word about SOS Children’s Villages, an international charity that provides new homes and families for children who have no-one else to care for them.

Having been virtually bedridden with a serious illness for nearly 10 years, Silverland knows only too well what a difference a loving family makes.

“Many organizations abandon the children in their care once they reach the age of majority, but just like my own parents, SOS Children’s Villages continues to look after its children until they are fully ready to live independently, even if illness or other factors mean that this point does not neatly coincide with their 19th birthday,” said Silverland.

“SOS Children’s Villages also provides health care facilities for the whole community if none currently exist, so what better way to celebrate my return to health than to make a cycling journey that could help others enjoy good health too?”

Silverland’s journey began in Whitehorse last June, and now, after pedalling more than 2,500 kilometres, she arrives in the North Okanagan on Monday.

She would love to know what you think is special about your city.

Go to, click on the Place you Call Home, and let her know.


If you would like to help provide an orphan somewhere in the world with a place that they can call home too, visit and click on You Can Help.