kindale photo Todd Kyllo (right) and Penny Hoban of Twin Anchors Houseboats with Benita Elliott

kindale photo Todd Kyllo (right) and Penny Hoban of Twin Anchors Houseboats with Benita Elliott

Cruise creates memories

Kindale clients hit the water during a houseboat adventure

It was a once in a lifetime experience for Ted, Gary and over 100 other people from Kindale.

A lovely day cruising the calm waters of Mara Lake in the warm sunshine – all thanks to the generosity of Twin Anchors Houseboats.

Last year, Twin Anchors donated a houseboat excursion to Kindale Developmental Association as a prize for their raffle. The lucky winner was Kevin Campbell, a Kindale board member. Campbell kindly donated his prize back to Kindale and Todd Kyllo, owner, and Penny Hoban, general manager, of Twin Anchors graciously transformed their gift into four one-day trips to enable as many Kindale folks as possible to share in this experience.

“Everyone felt in very safe hands with Malcolm McLeod as the volunteer captain for the four days,” said Cindy Masters, Kindale development officer.

“Many of the Kindale people had never experienced being on a houseboat, but the universally wide smiles and shining eyes spoke eloquently of their pleasure.”

Kindale staff also went above and beyond to manage wheelchairs and assist people who are unsteady on their feet.

“Everyone was safe and comfortable for the whole day.”

Compassionate care for people is a hallmark of Kindale and is reflected in Kindale’s newest project, the Lydia Boss Centre, being built in Armstrong.

This two-storey building will not only house Kindale’s program staff, but will also provide affordable homes for anyone in the community with a low income.

The seven apartments that will be above the Kindale offices will be fully accessible and safe for individuals, seniors, and families.

As is their custom, Kindale will be offering use of their meeting rooms to community groups during business hours and sharing office space with Community Futures Employment Services.

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