Cultural funds sought in Lumby

Efforts are underway to stimulate Lumby and Cherryville through arts and culture.

Efforts are underway to stimulate Lumby and Cherryville through arts and culture.

The Arts and Culture Master Plan Task Force has presented a revised budget to the White Valley Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee for a number of groups and initiatives.

“We’re looking for financial support,” said Doug Jones, with the task force.

“Our role will be to assist with all of the areas in the master plan we can assist with. We see it as a partnership.”

However, there is reluctance among politicians to decide who would access about $35,500 in operating funds.

“We don’t want to support various groups and not others,” said Rick Fairbairn, WVPRCC chairperson.

“We want to broadly address the community as a whole.”

Fairbairn also points out that any financial requests will be part of the 2012 budget process.

Through the task force, the Cherryville Farmers’ Market is seeking $2,500.

“The market envisions creating an experience offering live music, group performances, cultural arts displays and demos every weekend throughout our very busy tourism season,” said Heather Fleury, market president.

“To realize this goal, we are needing assistance with funding from the arts and culture and tourism money available.”

There is a request for $500 from the Cherryville Youth Drama Club.

“Cherryville desires more activities for the teens,” said Annette Welz, club co-ordinator.

“Drama can allow for much personal growth, while exploring and sharing the love of entertainment. It is a win-win situation.”

Another $3,000 is being sought to help organize the Wild Salmon Festival this year.

“The main goal of this festival is to support and raise awareness about our local wild salmon and the need to expedite a salmon passage over Wilsey dam at Shuswap Falls,” said founder Randy Rauck.

“Interest in presenting and attending the festival is growing, attracting people to the area over the course of the festival.”

Of the $35,500, $20,000 is earmarked for a part-time cultural services co-ordinator.

“That person could assist each organization in applying for grants and identifying what programs  it can put on,” said Jones.

In terms of grants, the Lumby Museum is applying for $9,727 to document artifacts and hire a summer employee when volunteers are not available. There is also a $41,000 request for a building expansion.