Directors dig up cash for new well at Mara park

Money is being pumped into a cornerstone of the Mara community.

Money is being pumped into a cornerstone of the Mara community.

The Regional District of North Okanagan will provide up to $22,000 for the drilling of a well at Patula Park on Highway 97A.

“The well is many years old. There are antiquated pipes,” said Herman Halvorson, director for the area.

Presently, the park accesses untreated surface water from Blurton Creek, and there is a concern about breaking pipes, potential contamination of the source and interruption of supply if flow in Blurton Creek is reduced.

“Signs are currently posted indicating that water is not suitable for drinking and when events are held at the park, water is hauled in,” said Anna Page, RDNO’s sustainability co-ordinator, in a written memo.

The $22,000 is based on a well 300 feet deep, but adjacent properties have found water at 150 feet so the ultimate cost may be less than projected.

Patula Park includes a covered gazebo, a hall with a kitchen and bathrooms, an area for tennis and basketball, a playground and a ball diamond.

“They have pancake breakfasts there, soccer and ball” said Halvorson.

“In the winter, they have hockey and skating for the kids.”

Patula Park is owned by the non-profit Mara Musical and Athletic Association and RDNO’s funding will come from federal gas tax revenue.

“It’s a long-held organization that benefits the community and it meets the requirements of this funding,” said Trafford Hall, regional district administrator.