District project sparks award

Lake Country's hydroelectric generating station awarded project of the year award by Clean Energy Association of B.C.

Lake Country’s power generation program is a winner.

The Clean Energy Association of B.C. has given the municipality’s hydroelectric generating station the Project of the Year Award.

The district has been recognized for its initiative and innovation in incorporating a hydroelectric generation plant into pre-existing infrastructure.

“This has been a great exercise in using existing water infrastructure to provide a clean energy revenue source that was otherwise expended as heat and noise at pressure reducing stations,” said Mayor James Baker.

The net revenue generated by the sale of electricity to BC Hydro from the hydroelectric generating station is placed in a reserve to fund future green projects.

The district earns an average of $320,000 a year, which equates to a four per cent tax increase.

This is the second provincial award given to the district for this project.


It also received a Union of British Columbia Municipalities award in 2009.