Dog ambassadors back

Central Okanagan Regional District return popular dog ambassadors

They’re back with watchful eyes trained for dogs on beaches, parks and people-friendly trails in Lake Country.

But dogs and their owners need not fear.  That’s because the Regional District of Central Okanagan dog ambassadors are equipped, not with ticket books, but treats, leashes and information to help dog owners.

“Our dog ambassadors were so hugely popular last summer that we’ve brought the program back to provide a positive connection and useful information to reward and promote responsible dog ownership in the Central Okanagan,” said Bruce Smith, communications officer. “They’re not out to enforce any rules.  Instead, they’re there to gently remind dog owners about the responsible dog ownership bylaw and how to be a respectful neighbour.”

The dog ambassadors are armed with information on dog beach locations, leashed and off-leash parks, local vets, groomers and kennels.

“They’re also reminding dog owners about the benefits of licensing their dog,” said Smith.