Electronic sign gets green light

Lake Country: Council goes against staff recommendation and approves electronic sign for A&W.

James Baker

James Baker

Staff at a Lake Country restaurant can put away the giant ladder.

Council overturned a district staff recommendation Tuesday and approved an electronic sign for A&W, replacing the current sign.

“It’s a bit ludicrous to climb up a ladder with the letters and change the message manually,” said Mayor James Baker.

Municipal staff had recommended against an electronic pylon sign, suggesting it would be a safety hazard for motorists on Highway 97.

“It is against the esthetics for signage outlined in the sign bylaw,” said Blessy Zachariah, planner, in a report.

However, Baker isn’t concerned about the electronic sign being a distraction for motorists.

“It’s not the same as a video or moving sign,” he said.

“The owner made a presentation and provided a good explanation. He showed a photo of him on a 30-foot ladder trying to change the letters on the sign.”

Baker isn’t sure if council allowing an electronic sign for A&W will set a precedent for other businesses.

“It may mean we have to change the bylaw and allow it,” he said.