Enderby rolls out child safety program

Enderby residents are being urged to ensure the safety of the community’s youngest citizens

Enderby residents are being urged to ensure the safety of the community’s youngest citizens.

A Block Parent program is being created and city council provided its support Monday.

“We are trying to be proactive and get people to be eyes and ears in the community,” said Coun. Tundra Baird.

“We want people to be aware about what goes on around them and to take some responsibility.”

Residents can register to become a Block Parent and they provide assistance to children during an emergency, such as bullying. The Block Parent home can also provide help to anyone in distress, including seniors.

A local resident recently expressed interest in having Enderby participate in the national Block Parent program.

To kick off the program, the city will pay the $60 participation fee, provide signs to qualified Block Parents and purchase materials for program delivery.

“Once the Block Parent initiative has been established in Enderby, it is anticipated that general co-ordination will be provided by the participants,” said Tate Bengtson, Enderby’s chief administrative officer.

All Block Parents must be screened and agree to an RCMP records check every second year as a condition of the program.

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to be a Block Parent and they do not have to have children.

Mayor Greg McCune believes the Block Parent program will  link with initiatives the city is pursuing among businesses to keep an eye out for criminal activity.

“We want to create awareness that we’re looking after our community,” said McCune.

““We really want to look after each other.”