Enderby shows support for artist

Jaime Seward, a long-time Enderby resident and successful artist, recently underwent a kidney transplant surgery. And her Enderby friends and neighbours have stepped up to give her a helping hand.

As a result of this life-saving surgery, Seward was faced with covering the food and accommodation expenses associated with staying in the vicinity of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver for the three months following her surgery.

In order to be able afford this expensive prolonged stay, Seward reached out to her friends and family for a hand.

Peter Buxton-Carr, a friend, suggested that each local business be asked to donate the cost of one night’s stay in Vancouver to help Jaime and her family. 

He got together with local friend and business woman Barb Craven and began collaborating and working on gathering donations.

Little did they know, the response would be overwhelming. 

Prior to her Jan. 20 departure to Vancouver for the surgery, Seward was the recipient of a cheque for $6,500. 

“I would like everyone to know how touched and proud I am to be part of this lovely community,” praises Seward.

“The support and generosity that has come my way is absolutely heart-warming. The transplant was a success. I had a minor setback in that I fell and fractured my pelvis. The kidney was not injured so all is well. Bones heal. I look forward to a speedy recovery. The Year of the Rabbit will be one of gratefulness for me.”

Seward will be returning to Enderby following her recovery from the surgery.