A fundraiser for the Falkland Community Church is underway. (Photo submitted)

A fundraiser for the Falkland Community Church is underway. (Photo submitted)

Falkland church in need of some TLC

Fundraiser seeking $77,000 for church building upgrades

TLC, or tender loving care: that’s what is in need for the Falkland Community Church building.

“Lots of TLC, and it needs it soon,” Irene Morck said of the 31-year-old building that is starting to show its age.

To accommodate the building’s needs, a TLC fundraiser campaign is underway for the church built by five denominations, including Alliance, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, United Church.

“We have estimated an overall amount needed over the next few years, to focus on a total goal for fundraising instead of asking for more money, year after year, for more and more individual projects,” Morck said. “We have budgeted a total TLC fundraising goal of $77,000. That sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but we estimate that this would cover all of the major projects as indicated, and leave some money for smaller projects in the near future.”

One driving cause of the fundraiser is the need to replace two 31-year-old furnaces that are at about 45 per cent efficiency.

“We are planning to replace them this month with 95 per cent efficient models to greatly reduce ongoing heating costs,” Morck said.

The roof is also in need of repairs as the shingles near two-decades of service. Other projects include the installation of a chairlift or elevator to provide further access, the repair of the concrete front stairs, the replacement of the now 31-year-old downstairs carpet to satisfy food hygiene standards and deteriorating exterior stucco.

“Acrylic elastomeric polymers are recommended for coating and greatly extending the life of stucco. These products are expensive, and the prep work and application should be done only by a professional painter,” Morck said. “However if the stucco is left to deteriorate, it would someday have to be removed and replaced, which would cost much more.”

The Falkland and District Community Church and Fellowship Society to which Morck belongs was formed for fundraising to maintain the building and grounds among other duties such as coordinating rental opportunities.

“The Falkland Community Church Society is responsible for all expenses such as hydro, natural gas, insurance, regular repairs, et cetera. But now we need much more than our ordinary year’s operating budget,” Morck said.

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A thermometer in the Falkland Post Office will track TLC fundraising progress.

“Thanks so much to those who have supported the Falkland Community Church in any way throughout the years,” Morck said. “And a big thanks to anyone who helps now with this TLC campaign. The maintenance of this unique building is for the whole area and far beyond.”

Donations can be made by cheque or online through canadahelps.org by searching Falkland and District Community Church and Fellowship Society. Cheques for donations should be made to The Falkland and District Community Church and Fellowship Society and can be mailed to Box 101, Falkland, B.C., V0E 1W0.


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