Farm waste sprouts guide

lake Country farmers get guide and DVD on safely disposing of crop waste

Lake Country farmers now have a new guide book and DVD showing how to safely dispose of waste materials.

The Agricultural Waste Disposal – Best Practices Guide offers useful information for fruit growers and other members of the agricultural community to help save time and money while being kind to the environment.

“Farmers can use the guide and accompanying video disc to make informed decisions on easily and safely managing prunings and yard waste, removing orchards and vineyards and recycling agricultural plastics,” said Kate Bergen, air quality co-ordinator with the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

“The DVD has added information on composting, using wood chips and other best management practices. Together, they explain how local geography and weather conditions can affect air quality and how pollution from burning can adversely impact the health of Central Okanagan residents and our environment.”

Links to the guide and video are available online at


The guide and a limited supply of DVDs are available at the Lake Country municipal office.