With a whole new set of props from Vancouver

With a whole new set of props from Vancouver

Fear Factory opens doors

The Okanagan Science Centre celebrates this Halloween with its 13th annual ever popular Haunted House

If you feel like you’ve been working yourself to death, then perhaps it’s time to see just what the working dead really do for a living.

Find out at the Okanagan Science Centre where zombies, head hunters and maniacal bosses have taken over all three floors, daring you to step inside and face much more than long hours and gruelling working conditions.

Carefully make your way through the factory. If you dare, drop by the research and development lab; if you’re lucky you’ll escape before you become part of a long, ongoing research project.

Then there’s the lunchroom, the forbidden fridge and if you make it, the terrifying third floor. Here you’ll be welcomed by the “upper” management–the big wigs, HR head hunters and a relentless receptionist. Expect a sudden and terrifying exit interview….and no coworkers to hear your screams.

The Okanagan Science Centre celebrates this Halloween with its 13th annual ever popular Haunted House. Aptly named the Fear Factory, the Working Dead, this year’s “scarefully” planned house boasts a semi-truck load of new props purchased from the famous Dunbar Haunted House in Vancouver.

Movie set-like props, combined with hundreds of volunteer hours and horrifyingly over-active imaginations have made the OSC’s haunted house the biggest and best in the Okanagan.

“Visitors come from all over, as far away as Osoyoos through to Kamloops and Revelstoke,” said Sandi Dixon, OSC executive director.

“We have a great reputation of providing a tremendous scare, and we dare you to come and experience an entirely new take on terror this year.”

Science Behind the Scare is an all ages event that offers a less spooky behind-the-scenes look at this year’s Fear Factory.

Drop by during the day to see the unique props and experience new activities, including the scream box, bed of nails and fear factor challenges without bumping into the working dead.

The zombie spooks will be replaced with friendly scientists.

Science Behind the Scare, sponsored by RBC Dominion Wealth Securities, takes place Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and again on Oct. 31 and Nov 1. Tickets are only $7 ($6 for OSC members) or $25 for families (up to six people) plus GST.

Fear Factory, the Working Dead, sponsored by Summit Environmental Consultants, begins at 6 p.m. for eight terrorizing nights: Thursday through Sunday, and again from Oct 29 through Nov 1. Tickets are $10 plus GST, ($9 for OSC members). The annual haunted house is the OSC’s major fundraiser and is always its scariest and most sought-after event of the year.