Final day for Kindale Sweetheart Auction bids

Kindale Sweetheart Auction wraps up today (Sunday) with bids being taken on a variety of items...

There’s still time to feel the love.

Kindale’s online Sweetheart Auction wraps up today and bids are still being taken on a variety of items.

“This is the fifth year for the popular auction – popular because you bid without ever having to leave your house,” said Cindy Masters, with Kindale, which provides programs to the developmentally disabled.

“The response has been overwhelming and the bidding has been active.”

The support from donors has also been significant, including from Elizabeth Densmore, with Office 2 Office in Vernon.

Densmore recently waited in line for four hours to receive a booklet with coupons for one year of wings at Original Joe’s. She then donated that booklet to the auction.

“There is something for everyone in the online auction and bidding is really easy,” said Masters.

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