A fundraising garage sale takes place in Coldstream Saturday to help Meeka Rowat with medical expenses.

A fundraising garage sale takes place in Coldstream Saturday to help Meeka Rowat with medical expenses.

Garage sale benefits local woman

Meeka Rowat is facing a number of health challenges while also still attending college

A young Coldstream woman isn’t letting her long list of medical challenges, including permanent hearing loss, get in the way.

But the medical finances that continue to add up for Meeka Rowat and her mom are overwhelming and they need some help so she can continue with her education, freedom, joy and confidence in life.

Rowat has Turner and Goldenhar syndrome, microtia/atresia, no ear canal, small jaw, palsy, severe nickel allergy, asthma, heart defect, scoliosis and more. Yet the young woman is still determined and attends Okanagan College.

“Meeka has had 12 surgeries in her young life and has been to UBC and B.C. Children’s Hospital, sees other specialists and planning now for bone-anchored hearing aid implants and possibly more,” said mom Wendy Niemi.

“We do not have dental /eye/extended care plans and the treatments, like surgery and associated costs are horrendous for us as a family,” the single mom explains.

“We need your help so she can manage these challenges for expenses for Vancouver, Kelowna and our area.”

To help Rowat, her mom is hosting a fundraising garage sale Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 11700 Coldstream Creek Rd.

“We will have lots of different items that you can purchase along with some baking items. In addition, we welcome your empties at this address or call and we will pick up.”

The bone-anchored hearing aids Rowat hopes to get will cost $5,000, and she is facing another $3,000 bill for a nickel free crown.

“We are continuing at BCCH for follow up visits due to her complex medical diagnosis. BC Medical Insurance will now pay for one BAHA but we need a nickel free crown. Meeka is hoping to hear the birds sing with the new aid within the year and, as for the nickel free tooth be able to eat better.”

Her mom describes her daughter as a “well-mannered, sensitive, fun and caring young lady with a huge heart.

“She loves to attend movies, enjoys the arts, singing, dancing, cuddling her pets and spend time with her sister, Ceanna and friends, shopping, hanging out and dining out.”

Some residents may recall a fundraiser last year to cover jaw surgery expenses, which Rowat is now reaping the benefits of as she is able to enjoy eating different foods.

Anyone wanting to help the family can send donations to 11700 Coldstream Creek Rd., Coldstream, B.C., V1B 1E3. For more information, contact 250-541 0499 or galsix_ 9@telus.net