Grindrod hall project needs senior support

Federal and provincial assistance sought so construction can proceed

A community project in Grindrod could hit a cash-crunch without high-level support.

Construction of a new community hall is expected to begin Sept. 18, but only half of the required $400,000 budget is in place. That will only get work to the lock-up stage, leaving the interior unfinished.

“We hope the federal and provincial governments will come in on this,” said Herman Halvorson, with the Grindrod Recreation Association.

Both levels of government have been lobbied, but no cash is in hand yet.

“I have made MP Colin Mayes aware of it and have encouraged him to come out and look at what we’re doing,” said Halvorson.

“MLA George Abbott has been helpful and we will be applying for grants.”

Halvorson hopes senior government will see benefits to the project because it will create employment for construction workers, while adding to the long-term viability of Grindrod by attracting families and events.

“Last year, there were 132 events in our old hall and we will get far more use in a larger facility,” he said.

The present structure, which has been sold to generate revenue for construction, is in poor shape and only fits about 50 people.

The new hall will be in Grindrod Park, home to the annual Garlic Festival.

Besides government, there is the possibility of funding coming from the Enderby Lions Club.

“We are still looking for community support,” said Halvorson.

“There will be businesses that come forward with support.”

For more information about fundraising, efforts call Halvorson at 250-838-7407 or Lindsay Kibbe at 250-838-6096.