Healing healers retreat in Vernon

The retreat runs from Oct. 12-14 at The Equine Connection in Vernon, deadline tosign up Oct. 1.

Healing healers retreat in Vernon

Every profession comes at a personal cost; a risk. Just as carpenters risk overusing their body and computer programmers risk straining their eyes, the cost of working as a healer is the energy drain and energy contamination, and potentially vicarious trauma.

Anybody from any profession can overwork and suffer from burn out. Creating time and space to practice self-healing allows healers to continue enjoying our work. Doing so in a group setting with other healers often increases the sense of the meaningfulness of their work.

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The Equestrian Connection allows healers the opportunity to engage with a herd of horses and experience various healing modalities. During this weekend-long retreat, people are invited to connect via ritual, movement, discussion, meditation, being in nature, bodywork, and by interacting with horses. In the evening, participants will enjoy food, a fire, and storytelling. The event runs from Oct. 12-14.

The Equine Connection is located 10 minutes from downtown Vernon on eight acres and offers equine-assisted therapy and learning opportunities.

Wendy Elrick is a counsellor with a Masters degree in Human Services and is the owner of The Equine Connection Coaching Services Ltd. She has been working as a counsellor for over 20 years, including trauma recovery, skill building, and self-empowerment.

“Equine-assisted learning and therapy offer a compelling journey of clarity and understanding,” said Elrick. “Horses are powerful teachers who instantly respond to actions, body language and the energy of the participant. Horses can inspire our dreams and awaken our spirit. The focus of equine-assisted learning is not riding, nor horsemanship. It takes place out of the saddle and on the ground.”

The Healer’s Weekend Retreat package includes accommodations and meals. Cost is $900 plus GST. Book by or before Oct. 1, 2018. To register, visit https://equinecoaching.ca/healers-weekend-retreat-october-14-15-2017/ or call 778-475-6077.

The Equestrian Connection also offers self-development workshops for any group wanting to expand their self-awareness, team building for businesses, and wellness weekends for individuals. Services also include traditional counselling, as well as equine-assisted therapy for children, adults, families, and groups.

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Healing healers retreat in Vernon