Heritage house recognized

103-year-old house in Armstrong recommended for heritage designation by Armstrong’s Heritage Society

It’s older than the city.

And now, the 103-year-old house at 3210 Patterson Street in Armstrong has been recommended for heritage designation by Armstrong’s Heritage Society.

“It’s very old and it’s very unusual,” said Gail Salter of the heritage society in addressing Armstrong council with regard to the recommendation.

The house is presently owned by Pamela Krazanowski but tax records document a house being on the property in 1910.

In 1928, a Robert Tilton owned the house but sold it the following year to A.L.C. Madden of Vancouver, who kept possession until 1943.

The house was then sold to a local couple. William Frederick Youngblud and his wife, Keturah. They owned the property until the 1950s.

Youngblud came west from Saskatchewan and landed in Armstrong in 1935. He took over managing the clothing department at the Armstrong Co-Op.

After a fire at the Co-Op, Youngblud assisted Herb Hoover to establish a men’s furnishings business and stayed on with Hoover. Youngblud was an elder of the Zion United Church and led the church choir.

“We felt the house should be acknowledged based on mostly the social aspect of Mr. and Mrs. Youngblud, who contributed greatly to the community,” said Salter. “Although it is also a very interesting house.”

The house has two floors, a partially finished basement and an attached garage. The home’s original chimney is still in place on the roof.

The society does have one concern about the home and has voiced it in its recommendation to council.

The house has aluminum siding.

“We have put in a proviso in the recommendation for designation that at a future date when the siding requires changing, it be changed to something compatible with the age of the house,” said Salter. “We don’t expect it to be done now, which is onerous on the homeowner. But we think it’s reasonable to expect it to be done when the siding needs to be changed.”

Council unanimously gave first two readings to a bylaw that would give the house heritage designation.


A public hearing on the matter has now been set for June 10 at 6:45 p.m. in Armstrong council chambers.