High fashion set for race days

Two groups are hoping to make horse racing fashionable.

Two groups are hoping to make horse racing fashionable.

The Junior Chamber of Commerce and Okanagan Equestrian Society are teaming up to introduce a new feature for Vernon Racing Days in 2012 at Kin Race Track, the oldest operating track in Canada (since 1893).

The feature is called Ladies Day at Kin, with the idea being to revitalize racing days and focus on a new market segment of the race goers to raise extra funds to sustain racing at Kin Race Track.

The idea is to have a social and stylish day out, reminiscent of European style such as at Aintree in England, or events in Australia.

And even though it’s called Ladies Day, men are encouraged to take part as well.

Race goers would arrive in full formal dress following a dress code.

Men would wear tuxedos and top hats, while women would be required to wear full-length or cocktail dresses and the mandatory hats.

Along with the dress code, there will be wineries and breweries featured with white hat and restauraunteurs serving appies under white tents while listening to orchestral chamber music.

Advanced tickets would be sold and there will be prizes for the top fashion.

In order to prepare for the 2012 event, an open invitation is being made for people to show up at Vernon Racing Days Sunday in full dress code to help generate recognition of the future events.

Horse racing gets  underway at the 43rd Avenue track Sunday at 11:30 a.m.