Immigrant aid offered

NOEES gives skills connect to immigrants

There is assistance for skilled immigrants in the North Okanagan.

The North Okanagan Employment Enhancement Society provides the Skills Connect for Immigrants program.

“We have money to help pay for education upgrades, certifications, and to join professional associations that help skilled immigrants make the connections they need to find work,” said Rob Donald, program facilitator.

Immigrants that are a good match for the program will work one to one with an employment counsellor who will assess their skills and background.

“We work to determine the right career for you in B.C.”, said Donald.

To be eligible for this program, immigrants must have permanent resident status in Canada.

Preferred criteria: have arrived in Canada within the last five years; have at least intermediate English language skills; and are either unemployed and not receiving provincial or federal assistance, or are under-employed and not working at a level that makes use of pre-arrival skills, experience and knowledge.


For more information on the Skills Connect For Immigrants program, phone 250-545-0585 or visit