Judy Guido

Judy Guido

Inner Peace Movement launched in Vernon

Judy Guido presents talks Tuesday at Holiday Inn Express

“Life is a unique and personal adventure,” says Judy Guido, a certified consultant and instructor with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada. But sometimes it feels like all work and no play, we feel pressed for time, and lose our confidence. As we learn to listen to the still small voice within and act on our first impressions we set the stage for solutions, prosperity and fulfillment, we take that leap of faith, start trusting ourselves more and realize there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Many of us are searching all over the place for answers and the meaning to life, when we already have these answers inside, according to Guido. When we relax and trust our perceptions inspirations and creative ideas come to us that help us navigate around the stumbling blocks. When we relax it is like tuning into our personal help line for solutions.

Guido is presenting talks in Vernon on Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. at The Holiday Inn Express, 4716 34th St. presented by the Inner Peace Movement of Canada.

During the talk, participants learn how to keep life simple, joyful, and fun. They gain more understanding about their life purpose, the seven-year cycles of life, and communication with their team of master souls. Participants will hear about the four spiritual avenues of communication: intuition where you “hear” messages from your angels; vision when you “see” pictures and visions in your mind’s eye; prophecy where you just know what will happen next; and feeling is when you bring healing through touch. They will have an opportunity to experience their own unique vibration and “Move Mountains” with the power of intent.

All are welcome. The talks are 1.5 hours, admission is $21 at the door.

For more information visit www.innerpeacemovement.ca.

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