Interior Health collects climate action award

Climate Action Secretariat Award goes to Interior Health

Provincial accolades have been handed out to an environmentally-conscious local authority.

In recognition of its ongoing commitment to emission reduction and sustainability, B.C.’s Climate Action Secretariat and Carbon Neutral Committee have presented Interior Health (IH) with a 2012 Climate Action Secretariat Award.

The award presentation was made at the Carbon Neutral BC: Building on the Leadership of B.C.’s Public Sector conference, recently held in Richmond.

“Interior Health is to be applauded on the leadership it has demonstrated on climate action, and the sustainability work carried out across the health authority by its ‘Green Teams’,” said Terry Lake, Minister of Environment, who was a key speaker at the conference.

Also highlighted during the conference was an Interior Health initiative to reduce building energy consumption.

Interior Health has successfully collaborated with a software vendor to make its utility management software smarter. The software tracks energy use in IH buildings and allows IH to normalize use with weather.

Plant managers, supervisors and others can log in to the software at any time to see their building’s energy performance.

This is one of many tools used by IH to help make informed decisions that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, lower energy costs and improve daily operations.

Our aging and expanding population is placing additional demands on health care and resources. Dr. Robert Halpenny, President and Chief Executive Officer at IH, believes that we have a responsibility to meet this increased demand without compromising the environment we live in.

“To accommodate for growth, we need to build and expand our infrastructure. And, in doing so, we must ensure we consider the environmental impact, minimizing harm and taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible,” said Halpenny.

Over the last decade, Interior Health has been recognized with a number of awards for its leadership on environmental sustainability. In June 2011, Interior Health received the Energy  and Environmental Stewardship Award from the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) – the first organization in Western Canada to receive this award.