Kathy Crandlemire

Kathy Crandlemire

IPE a family favourite

Longtime residents, as well as newcomers and tourists, are checking out the fair

There are some die-hard fair fans out there.

The Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong has been buzzing with people since the gates opened on Wednesday and it’s  likely to stay that way until they close tonight at 10 p.m.

The fair’s past success has carried through to this year as many returning fair-goers flocked the gates.

“I live here and the girls grew up here and they come every year,” said Sue Klassen.

“We usually put something in but we didn’t this year so we’re just here to enjoy the day.”

Sue Klassen’s daughter Becky Villeneuve came  with her family including her son, who couldn’t get onto enough rides.

“It’s been great, he’s had a blast. Strap one of those bracelets on and every ride he can fit into, he’s on it, it’s been a lot of fun,” said Villeneuve, who now lives in Calgary.

It’s not just the returnees who are taking in the fair.

The IPE is leaving lasting impressions on newcomers as well.

“It’s awesome! First time here, we absolutely love it,” said April Bellman.

When asked what their favorite part of the fair was, Bellman and her family, Larry and Dante, couldn’t point to just one solitary thing.

“Everything, from the horses to the rides, absolutely everything and the people are phenomenal here. It’s laid out really nice, it’s easy to follow,” said April.

Larry agreed, there are no shortages of highlights for families, but the real highlight can be found in the kids themselves.

“The highlight is watching his face and the enjoyment he gets out of it,” said Larry, soon after watching Dante ride a camel at the fair.

There’s something for everyone at the Armstrong fair.

For the families who haven’t had a chance to get to the fairgrounds, but can’t wait until next year’s fair, today’s the last chance to Catch the Buzz at the 113th IPE.