Kal Rats ready to unplug and play

The Kal Rats will be turning the Polson Park running track into a zany triathlon course for kids and adults

What’s three times more fun than fun? The Kal Rats Unplug and Play Funathlon.

The Kal Rats will be turning the Polson Park running track into a zany triathlon course for kids and adults alike Saturday between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.

Competitors are in for a laugh as they participate in a twisted version of the three disciplines of triathlon — swimming, biking  and running.

Comic race director and club president Sarah Clark doesn’t want to give too much away but she hints that laughing too much may prove to be the biggest obstacle.

“Our club’s goal is to promote and support triathlon in the North Okanagan,” said Clark. “The chance to participate in the Unplug and Play program of activities, provides our club with a chance to reach children and adults, if they’re brave, in a fun way.”

In addition to the funathlon, members of the Kal Rats will be there to provide information about triathlon. Triathlon equipment and training tips will be demonstrated.

The Kal Rats will be holding their annual triathlon at Kin Beach June 23. Event details can be found at the Kal Rats website.

“Our triathlon and the option of doing it as a team, has always been a favourite with beginning triathletes,” said Clark. “First time triathletes are sometimes nervous about doing the whole event, so we offer the opportunity for friends and family to participate as a team. This way each member only does one sport. It really brings groups together!”

The Kal Rats are also very excited to support the Kids of Steel Triathlon. This event is planned for June 22 at Kin Beach. Children ages five to 16 will participate individually or as teams over varying distances.

“Triathlon has a natural home in the North Okanagan. We have the best lakes, quiet roads and excellent volunteers. If you haven’t done or seen a triathlon, come out and have a look. It’s a whole lot of fun.”

Unplug and Play week runs from Saturday to May 5 and there are a number of free activities taking place to keep kids busy (which were listed in a special section in The Morning Star Sunday).