Kid’s Club ready for annual fair

Valley First hosts activities at Interior Provincial Exhibition

There will be plenty for the kids to do at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong.

Valley First Credit Union is sponsoring the Kid’s Klub at the fair between Wednesday and Sunday.

“The IPE has an enormous reputation,” said Ken Britton, Valley First’s Armstrong branch manager.

“It’s such a tremendous family outing and a traditional event for many.

During the Kid’s Club, children have an opportunity for hands-on experiences and learning the value of the agricultural industry.

Kid’s Klub members can also take part in activities such as the zucchini derby or watermelon eating contest.

Or, if they want to be even more hands-on, they can learn how to milk a goat.

“The development of the Valley First Kid’s Klub is just one example of how we are keeping our program fresh and appealing,” said Bryan Burns, IPE manager.

“By creating a memorable experience today, we can keep families coming back year after year.”