Kindale builds relationships

Kindale Developmental Centre has named Henry Sundquist as community developer...

Measures are being taken to assist individuals with developmental disabilities.

Kindale Developmental Centre has named Henry Sundquist as community developer, and his role will be to support common interests with community groups and worked to build a culture of respectful relationships.

“In this new role, Henry will continue to help Kindale build partnerships in areas of affordable housing, food security, and transportation,” said Sue Phillips, Kindale president.

“He will also continue to build professional development opportunities for Kindale’s staff who are instrumental in supporting and sustaining inclusive opportunities for the individuals we serve.”

Sundquist, who has retired as Kindale’s executive director, feels re-energized through this opportunity.

“I look forward to expanding Kindale’s existing partnerships and forging new relationships to make our communities better for all,” he said.

“A great example is the housing we are providing in the new Lydia Boss Centre in Armstrong. Anyone who fits the sustainable housing criteria may apply for the one, two or three bedroom units. It is not just for folks with disabilities.”

Kindale provides a variety of services for more than 300 individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.