Steve Jenkins

Steve Jenkins

Kindale dials up Telus donation

Kindale’s work training and support gains $12,500 from Telus Thompson Okanagan Community Board

Kindale’s training and support for youth and adults with developmental disabilities who want to find work has been given a boost through a grant of $12,500 from the Telus Thompson Okanagan Community Board.

These funds will enable Kindale to equip a new training centre at Independent Generation, recently relocated to 2525 Paterson Avenue in Armstrong.

This training centre, conveniently accessible by public transit, will serve people from all communities in the North Okanagan.

“We truly appreciate the support of Telus for our training programs,” said B Elliott, Kindale Developmental Association’s executive director.

“During Kindale’s recent pilot project of employment readiness training, we discovered how truly isolated and lonely many individuals felt without a connection to their community through meaningful work.

“Low literacy skills increased their sense of isolation and created significant barriers for them. It has been so gratifying to see the positive impact on our pilot participants and, we look forward, thanks to Telus, to helping more individuals transform their lives.”

Of the 12 individuals who participated in Kindale’s pilot of Employment Readiness and Literacy Training, seven were successful at obtaining paid employment and others achieved work experience placements which are providing valuable skills which Kindale officials are confident can be leveraged into a real job for real pay.

Kindale realizes that many individuals who want to work need to have training and support to get ready to work, find a job, and succeed in the workplace.

This training includes life skills, work habits, team work, problem solving, literacy, as well as job search, resume writing, interview preparation – all targeted and adapted to the specific abilities and goals of the individuals.

The Telus funding will allow Kindale to purchase computer equipment and specialized training resource materials.

The six-week training sessions are followed by 20 weeks of on-site employment support for both the individuals and their employers.

Once the Employment Training Centre is up and running, Kindale will have places for 30 individuals per year, 10 in each of three sessions.

In addition, literacy upgrading will be offered to an additional 20 participants.

“It was marvellous and heart warming to see the personal growth in the pilot program participants,” said Cindy Masters, Kindale development officer

“I was amazed at their dedication, drive, and persistence and how highly they spoke of their coaches, what they were taught, and the support they were given. I encourage individuals and employers alike to contact us to learn more about how they can participate. Together we do make a difference.”

Kindale’s Employment Readiness and Workplace Literacy Training is available to anyone in the community who meets the requirements of eligibility for the program.

Participants are not required to be receiving other services from Kindale.

For more information or to apply for training, please contact Samantha Fairweather at Kindale Developmental Association, 250-546-3005.