Members of the Armstrong Lions Club present $4

Members of the Armstrong Lions Club present $4

Lions roar for local family

The Armstrong Lions Club has presented $4,274 to Harley and Tanya Hansen, whose daughter is requiring heart surgery.

An Armstrong service club is ensuring a family can access much-needed medical care.

The Armstrong Lions Club has presented $4,274 to Harley and Tanya Hansen, whose year-old-daughter, Kiera, is requiring heart surgery.

“This family has experienced extreme emotional and financial drain, and the father is the sole financial support,” said Norm Jaques, with the Lions.

“The Armstrong Lions heard about the trials of this family and their efforts to provide for their child and decided they would dedicate the proceeds gained at their harvest pig roast and dance Oct. 20 to the family to help defray some the financial burdens they have experienced.”

The event was well attended and people demonstrated their generosity.

“The Armstrong Lions thank the local community for their generous support,” said Jaques.

A regular ultrasound during the pregnancy revealed that one of the twin daughters had a heart problem.

This resulted in Tanya having to make frequent trips to B.C. Women’s Hospital in Vancouver for further testing and monitoring.

Four weeks prior to the birth of the twins Nov. 28 2011,  Tanya had to stay in Vancouver, near the hospital, in case of early labour, and knowing that the one twin would require surgery right after birth.

Fortunately, the Hansens — who also have five-year-old daughter Jade — were able to secure accommodations at Easter Seal House, a residential facility supported in part by Lions clubs.

Kiera was in the pediatric intensive care unit for two-and-a-half weeks, then went to the cardiac ward until Dec. 24, 2011, when Tanya, Kiera and sister Kylie were airlifted to Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

In the meantime, Kiera endured three surgeries to get blood flow to her lungs.  It was also discovered that she would require further surgery to correct some intestinal complications.

“Because of the delicate condition, she must be watched 24/7,” said Jaques.

“She will still need more heart surgery when she is around three-years-old.”

In the meantime, frequent visits to both VJH and B.C. Children’s Hospital have been required.